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Andreas Hofer theorized that there are correlations between personality[1][2][3], political beliefs[4], body shape[5], and mating strategy[6].

There is a possibility that this is correlated to CSR-selection theory (see Life history theory) and Strauss-Howe Generational Theory.

It is possible that Farmers are correlated to Competitive strategy, and Pastoralists are correlated to Stress-Tolerant strategy.

Andreas Hofer Gatherer Farmer Pastoralist Hunter
Helen Fisher dating types Negotiator Builder Explorer Director
Myers-Briggs/Keirsey NF/Idealist SJ/Guardian SP/Artisan NT/Rational
Greek Philosophy Epicurean Ethical Stoic Propriety Cynic Hedonic Skeptic Dialectic
Roman Gods Apollonian Epimethean Dionysian Promethean
Spranger Religious Economic Aesthetic Theoretic
Ayurveda doshas Vata Kapha Pitta Vata
William Sheldon Ectomorph Cerebrotonic Endomorph Viscerotonic Mesomorph Somatotonic Ectomorph Cerebrotonic
Eric Braverman Neurotransmitters Acetylcholine (Learning) GABA (Calming) Serotonin (Mood) Dopamine (Pleasure)
Braverman Dating Isolation Codependency Hesitant Hypersexuality
Braverman Organization Paranoia Idolatry Vulnerable Manipulative
Braverman Work Mania-Angst Nurturing Distracted Risky
Anthony Gregorc Thinking Abstract (Random) Concrete Sequential Concrete Random Abstract (Sequential)
Elsie Lincoln Benedict Cerebral Alimentive-Muscular Thoracic Osseous or Cerebral
Butt Invert Heart or Pear Rectangle Round or Cherry Invert Triangle
Body Shape (Definition[7]) Pear/Triangle Rectangle/Column/Banana Hourglass Diamond/Apple/Inverted-Triangle
Element Water (Inspired, Blue) Earth (Industrious, Gold) Fire (Impulsive, Orange) Air (Curious, Green)
DISC Supportive Conscientiousness Dominance Inspiring
Andreas Hofer Gatherers Farmers Pastoralists Hunters
Puberty Late-onset (Low Prenatal Testosterone) Average Early-onset (High Prenatal Testosterone) Divergent
Looking For Soulmates Helpmate Playmates Playmates + Soulmates
Mating & Childrearing Difficulty in Competition Desired in Stability Too Many Options in Modern Society Restructured Gender
Divorce Reason Partner Mismatch Lower in General Promiscuity "Self-Actualization"
Work Preference Playful and Imaginative Industrious Routines Artistry over Routines Innovation over Routines
Hofer Castes Laborers, Slaves Clerics, Lords, high-ranking soldiers Warriors, Artisans, and Merchants "Revolutionary"

Need for Disambiguation:[edit | edit source]

  1. How does one define playmates, helpmates and soulmates in relation to SOI, STRO/STMO, LTRO/LTMO and Parenting vs Mating Effort?
  2. How does one quantify Ectomorphic, Endomorphic and Mesomorphic?
  3. How is this correlated to HEXACO or Big Five Personality?