Demand side sexual economics

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Demand side sexual economics addresses sexual concerns by advocating increasing or decreasing the demand for sex from those who own it.

Examples[edit | edit source]

  • Advocating or engineering male increase or decrease in desire for women (brainwashing or increasing purchasing power rather than penalties & rewards)
  • Cash or vouchers to purchase or redeem sexual intimacy
  • Tax breaks for unemployed and single men, enabling them to accumulate more money and thus increase SMV,
  • Advocating increasing of female demand of biomale-sex-as-commodity
    • reducing sexual dimorphism
    • socially engineered incelophilia
    • sex change operations for incels
    • promoting economic growth (making men more attractive to women)
    • promoting economic/social security
    • subordinating all women (making all men more attractive to women due to hypergamy, women's preference to date up)

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