Supply side sexual economics

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Supply side sexual economics addresses sexual concerns by advocating increasing or decreasing the the price, availability, or legality of sex via those who own it.

The idea was first formalized by a proponent and owner of, named Frost. He defined it in 2011 on the Dalrock anti-feminist blog[1]

"Slut shaming attacks the problem at its source. Supply-side sexual economics, as it were."


Frost defined demand side sexual economics as that which addresses the demand for sex primarily instead.

Examples[edit | edit source]

  • Advocating lower or higher sex prices through slut-shaming or other methods
  • Restricting availability of sex through monogamy, cuck shaming
  • Advocating decriminalized prostitution or banning prostitution to deal with incels
  • Advocating the production of sex dolls or sex doll brothels (if sex dolls are to count as real sex, if not then this is demand-side)

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