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Unicorn is a designation created within the manosphere for women that are considered an exception to hypergamy.

These women are often depicted to be willing to date down by having relationships with men considered to be "below their league" by the common social views, or women that completely disregard looks, money and status. They receive this name as they are considered exceptionally rare among the female population.[citation needed] An example of a Unicorn would be a Stacy or Stacylite who dates a man that would commonly be perceived as not being conventionally attractive, or not notorious enough in terms of social status in regards to their female partner.

In a broader PSL definition, a woman being an Unicorn in a relationship means she mogs her male partner in many regards, where she noticeably has a higher SMV than her partner; while she could use her high SMV to date a man with quantitatively similar or higher SMV, she settled down with a man valuing other aspects other than superficiality points of the dating market. This is considered a positive trait that disrupts the usual Blackpilled rhetoric.

It is considered a dream for many incels to find an attractive partner who would put past their looks and lack of high social status,[citation needed] but since this isn't a common recurrence, these women are labeled as myths, like unicorns are.

Another definition for Unicorn women would be women that consider the usual traits of sexual selection as secondary (particularly looks, money and status), deciding instead to prioritize their partner's personality traits and aspects related to natural selection, such as health, intelligence and inherent skills.

Most Unicorn women are depicted as having good personality traits in regards to their romantic relationships, thus these women are more likely to marry earlier or stick to the same partners for several years. For older single men, finding Unicorn partners can pose quite a challenge as these women may become unavailable as their age range increases, since this group of women are most likely already in a relationship and out of the dating market.

Within the incelosphere, many consider white women who date out of their racial group as Unicorns, as white women are often considered the most loyal group in regards to exclusively dating people from their own race.[citation needed]

Women who "settle down" for men who are wealthier than them, even if said men are considered less physically attractive, are generally not considered Unicorns as this still configures an hypergamic trait, where in this case the woman is dating up considering wealth resources.

Examples of women who are considered unicorns[edit | edit source]

Here are some sources related to famous women who are considered to "date down"; be warned that some of the men mentioned in the articles are of high social status, thus the women are not considered complete Unicorns by this page's definition.

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