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A tradcuck is a conservative who embraces the feminist ideas of the modern church and/or pro-Trump or right-wing movements, while claiming to be traditional because he opposes globalism and homosexuality. He typically supports status quo ideas such as an age of consent of 18, and opposes male supremacist practices such as marital rape or physical discipline of wives, often because he regards them as Islamic or otherwise unsuitable for the civilized white man.

What distinguishes a tradcuck from a regular tradcon is that the tradcuck believes all he needs to do is be masculine and practice good traditional chivalrous behavior and women will automatically fall into line without the need for patriarchal male authority to be imposed forcibly. He downplays the importance of female virginity, believing he can out-fash and generally mog the competition into oblivion, to the point where his wife forgets all about the Chads she had in her youth.

The tradcuck thinks that all that is needed for women to stop being sluts is for dads to teach their daughters the right way to be; he assumes that single moms only exist because men are refusing to step up.

Moral standards[edit | edit source]

The tradcuck may theoretically be against female sluttiness, while simultaneously making a lot of excuses for tradthot behavior. Most of his criticism of "degeneracy" is reserved for men who do not meet his standards of morality, and he is constantly on the lookout for shills, glow-in-the-darks, and degenerates who need to be banned from his presence.

However, he regards the promiscuous female as an innocent who was led astray, and depending on his SMV will probably end up either wifing up a non-virgin or remaining celibate. The celibate tradcuck generally has contempt for self-identifying incels, regarding them as sex-obsessed neckbearded coomers who just need to lift more and get a fashy fade, a blue-collar job, and some better clothes (e.g. khaki pants, polo shirt, and red hat) to attract a quality trad woman.