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Instructions[edit source]

The format of each section to this page is intended to be:

  • SUMMARY - simple narrative of how the study was done and what they found and its implications.
  • DATA/FIGURES - any important graphs or data to be included.
  • QUOTES - a few key quotes from the article itself to prove to people we aren't making this shit up and its exactly what the scientists are saying.
  • REFERENCES - links to the studies themselves.

This format is intended to be very easy for people to follow. By separating these components, we also avoid outsider claims that we are "misinterpreting" or "manipulating" the studies for our purposes. Including a few simple quotes of the key points in its own section should fall within Fair Use, and this allows us to clearly make the point we want in the scientists' own words. No one can say we have "got it wrong".

The format is also intended to be, where possible, one article per header. This is again to avoid making it appear as if we are synthesizing and integrating information. Rather, it should appear that we are simply presenting studies as they are written with minimal interpretation or synthesis on our part. The exception would be if something is very minor or two minor studies prove the same point. Then combination is okay.

There exists a secondary page:

This can hold blackpills that are less critical or important but still perhaps interesting. As the primary page grows, it may be necessary to prune some less significant entries to keep it manageable in size. Those can be moved to the supplemental page.

At the present this is not generally necessary yet. I think we are fine as long as the page prints to 100 pages or less. Currently it's around 50 and will probably be near 70 by the time the current entries are filled out. Again I think that's fine.

If in your work, you come across something that's "interesting" though not earth-shakingly so, perhaps just add it to the supplemental page.

A collated list of Blackpill studies and links was produced here:

Which can be reviewed for other blackpills to add to the primary or supplemental page.

Each new talk page topic should be separated like this[edit source]

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