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Yo, RageagainstTDL check out these brutal (((personality))) pills from the blackpillscience subreddit. links to a report showing 39% of violent psychopaths in a mental hospital had a relationship with female staff, including murderers and serial rapists. A select quote from above "The malingerers were significantly more likely to have a history of murder or rape, carry a diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder or sexual sadism, and produce greater PCL-R factor 1, factor 2, and total scores than insanity acquittees who did not malinger. The malingerers were also significantly more likely to be verbally or physically assaultive, require specialized treatment plans to control their aggression, have sexual relations with female staff." Check out those stellar personalities! Another thugpill,

A quote "Many are recruited because they are promised the companionship of pretty girls . . ."

gang members reported a significantly greater average number of sex partners during the last 30 days than the non-gang members reported for the same period (M of 1.67 to 1.22, respectively); one-tailed t-test, t = 2.16, df = 118, p < .025. […]

two gang leaders […] reported 11 and 10 partners, respectively, [within the last 90 days] […]

In contrast, no non-gang member in the study reported more than five partners within the last 90 days." Proof thugs are slaying pussy harder then even chads?

I would add these myself, but I remember reading that this page was your pet project, so I would appreciate it if you would consider adding these to the article, thank you.