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Commentary - celibate marriedcels[edit source]

The strangest anomaly within this data is that married women have more sex than married men. Which begs the question, are married women cheating more, or are married men becoming willful cucks?

Moved this here for now as it lacks source. Not sure there is even a significant diff Bibipi (talk) 20:17, 20 November 2019 (UTC)

It is preferred[edit source]

To not link to other wiki articles as sources, and instead to the studies themselves with specific statsWilliam (talk) 14:02, 29 November 2019 (UTC)

I think we should always link to both. This could even be done in one <ref>[[http://linktostudy Paper]] [[http://linktoscientificblackpill Blackpill Discussion]]</ref> or so. This would allow people to click through to the article directly, but also see useful pointers to related results collected by us and hence more up-to-date and informative than most (potentially old) papers. Bibipi (talk) 14:51, 29 November 2019 (UTC)
We should maybe also start citing properly with a format like Author N. Year. ''Title.'' [[http://link Abstract]] Bibipi (talk) 14:52, 29 November 2019 (UTC)