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dumb speculation
== Disappearance ==
On january 5 2020 Monday and his girlfriend, Annika O'Brian, went on a livestream with Steve Hoca and a few other TFL-ers. Annika did 99% of the talking and Monday barely said a few words (as he usually does when on video with her). Hoca came on the stream only half way through. Before he appeared, Annika spoke over the TFL-ers in a pretty condescending tone and tried to use blue-pill arguments to blame and shame TFL-ers, FA-ers and incels. She tried to claim that it was their fault for being single, not women's. She also made some pretty reasonable arguments countering feminism, women choosing to work instead of marrying and having children, and that women should be taught to value family and motherhood from childhood. When Steve Hoca came on, he was very angry and started blasting Annika, insulting and accusing her of many things, including of "using her sex appeal to advance in the workplace", and that "she is no real IT expert". They both tried to interrupt each other. Eventually, Hoca brought up Annika's dead husband. She went balistic and quit the stream. The other TFL-ers said that HOca should have been more calm and less harsh. He kind of agreed. Then Annika returned and she had a more modest and conciliatory pattern of speech. The stream ended kind of peacefuly. But in a few days, Monday uploaded a video commenting on that stream. He said that incels are evil and deserve to die alone in depression. Later in january, he uploaded another video claiming that it is not worth talking to, or trying to help, certain people - that for some it is too late, and they should be avoided. In a few days after, he privatised both his channels. Supposidly he claimed his father had discovered them and he wanted to stay private. He then closed his two Bitchute accounts as well. Since late january 2020 he has not returned yet. Annika had posted one video on her Youtube channel, but then deleted it shortly after. However, she has made some livestreams on the channel of I Hypocrite, about other topics.
==Accusations & Controversy==
some incels theorize that monday works for the government. this theory was slowly bubbling up in the TFL community. until one day, steve hoca flat out accused him of being a CIA plant/operative. the reason for this claim is unknown, however several theories has been made.
the first theory is that Monday generally never speak about inceldom as a societal problem, but always as an individual one. he often categorizes inceldom as a psychological issue rather than a societal issue. and he often asserts that this issue stems from lack of healthy socialization at an early age. many incels and TFLer's object this worldview because plenty of shy/unadjusted men have wifes and perfectly good marriages.


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