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Undo revision 46906 by Mikey (talk) Mikey stop doing edits to things you know next to nothing about. I've already explained on the regression toward the mean page that outbreeding depression is not synonymous:
'''Outbreeding depression''' is a significant decrease in an organism's ability to survive and [[reproductive success|reproduce]] due to an extreme [[regression toward the mean]]breeding across different races. Generating intermediate genotypes that are less fit than either parent as well as a breakdown of biochemical or physiological compatibility. For example, selection in one population might favor a large body size, whereas in another population small body size might be more advantageous, while individuals with intermediate body sizes are often disadvantaged in both populations.<ref></ref>In the incelosphere, outbreeding depression and the social stigma of being mixed race most commonly effects [[HAPA]] white and asian mixed race males, whom are the result of their fathers [[SEAmaxxing]].
In the incelosphere outbreeding depression The science is uncertain and the social stigma incomplete, so all of this ought to be taken with a grain of being mixed race most commonly salt. Any effects [[HAPA]] white observed could stem from identity and asian mixed race males, whom are integration issues and also selection bias due to the result type of their fathers [[SEAmaxxing]]people who may be more prone to engaging in miscegenation.
== Outbreeding complications ==


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