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Social Chad (commonly referred to as Tanner) is commonly a type of Chadlite. Social Chad is the result of extreme Statusmaxing.

Description[edit | edit source]

Social-Chad's are the type of guys whom take their social-status very seriously, some of them are aware that social status is a construct, however they also understand how important it is in the eyes of woman. these type of guys are usually the social gatekeepers in their current social circle, and they carefully patrol other social circles that might be beneficial to them in the long-run. they will usually shake hands with people that are high up in other social circles, to gain their trust and feed off their position whenever it is necessary. in pop-culture, they are often referred to as "social-climbers". and while that's true, their role is much more extensive than the average social climber Normie. in addition, they make sure that outsiders aren't allowed to infiltrate their own social circle and other intermediate social circles nearby.

Relation to Woman[edit | edit source]

woman usually stay close to Social Chad to mooch off his status. and in exchange, he promotes unpopular woman (and sometimes men) to prime social positions if some particular boxes are checked (code of conduct,clothing and other things). Since Social-Chad are often infantile and unhinged, their favorite type of woman will usually display those same traits.

Temper[edit | edit source]

Social-Chad's are known to have a bad temper, and they get very emotional about things. some social-chads will actually be 'cool' to the unpopular kids but they are few and far between. most will badmouth anyone they don't like and will use those as a stepping stone to further increase their position. Their frantic behavior could be a red-flag for some people.



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