Selection bias

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A type of bias introduced that only focuses on a few groups that is not representative of the larger demographic cohort.

The Media[edit | edit source]

The media when reporting on incels tend to only focus on a few outliers who are either actual extremists or incels who have good looks but is love-shy that is preventing them from ascending. Then the media proceeds to say that “it’s your personality” that’s the issue for all incels. The issue is they never acknowledged that looks do play a huge part in attaining and maintaining relationships, and that your personality is perceived via looks (halo effect)(failo effect).

Anti-Incels[edit | edit source]

IncelTears and other Anti-Incel groups are notorious for only focusing on particular Incels who exhibit traits often unappealing to outsiders commonly comparing them with other groups unrelated to incels. Examples are only gunning for particular users (They often ignore High IQ posts never wanting to dispute them) and concluding that all Incels are like that but often ignoring that other incelospherian forums exist that share a different set of beliefs.

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