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Omega Virgin Revolt was the blog that popularized the term, "blackpill". The blog used to be called 'blackpill' before being renamed to its current title. The author changed the name, as he seems to disagree with the current definition of the term blackpill (at least as it pertains to its implicit fatalism, regarding those disadvantaged by the truths it reveals) with his use of the term 'blackpill' stemming from an attempt to make a distinction between the men's rights movement and the (then) burgeoning manosphere and PUA community, who had adopted the term redpill.

It is a blog mainly focusing on men's rights issues/opposition to feminism, with some overlap with the MGTOW movement.

The blog reached it's peak popularity in the early-mid 2010s with the blog currently defunct, having not been updating in over a year (as of July 2019.)

The articles on the blog chiefly center around the author's opposition to feminism, men's rights advocacy, the authors opposition to the concept of 'game,' opposition and debunking of conspiracy theories and what the author dubs 'the Paleo-Game Cult' (i.e the intersection between the Manosphere, right wing politics/white nationalism and the paleo/low carb diet.)

After the van massacre in Toronto in April 2018, allegedly carried out by Alek Minassian, the author wrote the following regarding the purported inceldom-related motive of the attacker:

This is not the only example of incels being falsely accused of violence/terrorism. Alek Minassian, the guy in Toronto who ran over those people in a van, is an incel right? Tim Pool, the only journalist to investigate whether Alek Minassian was an incel, discovered that there is no evidence that Alek Minassian is an incel. Minassian’s facebook profile is only linked to known trolls and the post itself was posted when Minassian was already in custody.

The author went on to compare the demonization of incels by their opponents following the attack to the scapegoating of the group 'The Brotherhood' by The Party in George Orwell's novel 1984:

Another important difference is the source of anti-incel propaganda. In 1984, all of the propaganda about The Brotherhood came from the Oceanian government, specifically the Ministry of Truth. When it comes to incels, there is no top down government ministry of truth producing anti-incel propaganda. Anti-incel propaganda is a grassroots bottom up phenomenon. This is one reason why government agencies are accused of being infiltrated by incels or sympathetic to incels. The government has no policy of purging incels or worrying about incels since it has no reason to do so. While there is no government ministry of truth producing anti-incel propaganda, the techniques and tactics used against incels by individuals volunteering to produce anti-incel propagada are very similar to those used in 1984.

The author's advice to incels is basically to go MGTOW so that they will instead become volcel, writing in an another article about the suicide of Anthony Bordain:

Bourdain was not different from many incels whose self image and mental state is completely dependent on women. Both love women and are completely dependent on them (despite lacking a woman in the case of incels). There is a lot suicidal ideation in incels forums because of this. It’s basically the same as what Bourdain went through. Like Bourdain many incels have committed suicide because they were mentally completely dependent on women. We are used to thinking as incels as almost some separate species, but in reality they are no different than other men. Bourdain and incel men are practically the same despite Bourdain being able to get women. What would have helped both Bourdain and incel men is hating women. When a man hates women, his self image and mental state is not dependent on women. A woman’s actions can not cause a man who hates women to become depressed or suicidal. Hating women saves men from committing suicide.

Omega perhaps got the word blackpill from a commentor on the Dalrock anti-feminist blog named Paragon.

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