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In the gaming space, inceldom is referenced occasionally in characters or as a theme. Some games, such as those developed by Soiree Games, use inceldom as the primary theme of the game.

Soiree Games[edit | edit source]

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Soiree Games, is a small Finnish software company headed by Bob the Developer. As of 2019, Soiree Games has released the following games with inceldom as a central theme (referred to as the Meme Trilogy):

In all of these products, incels are seen in a neutral light as both protagonists and antagonists.

Below is a quote from the FAQ from Soiree Games' website:

We believe there's been enough generic video games out there. We follow budding trends. Memes are representative of societal issues at large and Soiree Games wants to address these issues. Therefore we sometimes integrate them into our products, as is the case with the games in the Meme Trilogy. We try to represent more than one facet when it comes to current matters as we have no political aims.

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Incel: The Game[edit | edit source]

Incel: The Gameis a RPG-Game hosted on Itchio. It can be played in the browser or downloaded for windows. It was made with the unity engine.

Dark Hero Party[edit | edit source]

Dark Hero Party is a RPG by U-Room that makes indirect references to inceldom and blackpilled themes in general. The main character is initially portrayed as a weak and defenseless male, basically physically the opposite of the typical male video game power fantasy lead. His female love interests are portrayed as constantly being stolen from him from a rapist warlord who bears a striking resemblance to the chad stereotype, both physically and in terms of his cocky, violent and overall sociopathic behavior. Some of the villians in the game also adhere to a belief system that reflects certain aspects of the blackpill, with their worldviews being centered around materialism, lookism and the view of life as a brutal Darwinian struggle for existence.[1][2]

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