Desperate Virgins (BBC Four documentary)

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Desperate Virgins was a BBC4 channel production made in 2007, and directed by Gillian Pachter. A one-hour film that follows three adult virgins—Catherine, Mike, and Alan and was filmed in the UK. Mike was incel and Alan was arguably so.

Mike[edit | edit source]

Mike, a 29 year old manlet virgin, hoped to have an emotional connection his first time, and rejected seeing a hooker. He hired a "seduction expert" to get him laid in the documentary. The "seduction expert" advises him to masturbate more, brings him to a sex shop to show him dildos and cock rings, and brings him to bars trying to get him to approach women at least 4 inches taller than him.


This of course, fails during the documentary and Mike never loses his virginity, but nevertheless Mike remained optimistic at the end of the film. One memorable scene from the documentary is a scene where Mike confronts his mother about his late virginity, telling his mother that he was going to try speed dating, to which his mother replied in an insulting tone, "speed dating?! Surely you're not THAT desperate!"

Alan[edit | edit source]


Alan, a 49 year old with a physical disability expressed his sexuality by hiring women to come to his apartment for him to photoshoot. He had many neuroses about sex because his first kiss gave him a crippling disease making him fearful of women. In the documentary, he met with a woman whose specialty was middle aged virgins, and he lost his virginity to her.

Catherine[edit | edit source]

Catherine, a 43 year old, extremely religious virgin hired a hooker for her first sexual experience in the documentary. Catherine had a good experience, and lost her virginity.

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