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Name: Ben Moynihan
Date of Birth: 1996
Occupation: dead/student
Ethnicity: white

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Ben Moynihan was a clinically autistic teenager who could not lose his virginity, and was therefore involuntarily celibate. He was sentenced to 21 years for attempted murder of three women.[1] Ben left letters to the police in the run-up to his crimes. The letters said such things as[2]

when women won’t talk to you, it’s heartbreaking, why are they fussy with men nowadays,", and "I think every girl is a type of slut…they do not give boys like us a chance
—Ben Moynihan

Incel Wiki does not support Ben Moynihan or his crimes.

Autism[edit | edit source]

Like other young spree shooters: Adam Lanza,[3] Elliot Rodger, and Alek Minassian, Ben suffered from an autism spectrum disorder[4] and had demonstrated a "gross lack of empathy".

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