Inceldom-induced impotency

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Besides the pshychological and social tolls that occur as a result of inceldom, according to some in the incelosphere, inceldom can also cause impotency.

Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction)[edit | edit source]

Besides the pshychological and social tolls that occur as a result of inceldom, according to some in the incelosphere, inceldom can also cause impotency.

It is important to note that the general consensus among most medical professionals is that currently masturbation does not cause ED and is mostly considered to be normal/healthy.[1]

Delayed Ejaculation (Anorgasmia)[edit | edit source]

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The difficulty or inability of a man to reach an orgasm and to ejaculate semen is called Delayed Ejaculation (DE), or Anorgasmia. This can be an adverse effect of inceldom, in particular of depression and stress.[2]

Fetishes[edit | edit source]

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Incels also often develop expansive fetishes as a result of being forced to masturbate to women. One of the results of this is an inability to become sexually aroused by a real woman and a desensitization to normal displays of sexuality possibly contributing to the advance of multiple sexual dysfunctions (DE, ED, and others).[3]

Anecdotes[edit | edit source]

One incel-turned-volcel has spoken to one of the editors on Incel Wiki about why and how long-term inceldom may of contributed to becoming Impotence:

"When I was a young teenager, all the way up to my twenties I had a fairly high sex drive and as such used to have what felt like incredibly firm erections. Sometimes it felt like my erections just wouldn't go away, and I used to get them at the drop of a hat. Even something as innocuous as a shapely cartoon character on television could make me get hard. But as I became an adult, I increasingly felt that my erections weren't going to be used for its intended purpose (with another partner) as women didn't show interest in me. In other words, I was going through inceldom, or involuntary celibacy. I had a pretty hectic schedule so I dealt with this usually by trying to masturbate fairly quickly in order to stifle my horniness. My other resort was thinking of unsexy thoughts whenever I was in public; things like lowering my granddad in his coffin within a graveyard to make erections go away. By the time i was in my mid-30s, this routine was still ongoing for over a decade and a half of this near-daily action of quick ejaculations to odious erection-repellent thoughts such as coffins or graveyards. Eventually, I finally managed to find myself a girlfriend. In terms of emotional compatibility, we were great. However, two decades of this binary action of quickly-getting-off followed by obnoxious thoughts had seemingly tainted my sexuality for good. The only times I managed to stay hard with my girlfriend if our encounters were combined with multiple negativities, such as her not being in the mood as well as her being seemingly cold or quiet towards me. The moment she said "I love you" or anything remotely affectionate, it killed my erection. It seems that all those decades of brainstorming about graveyards and coffins had made my body become physiologically engineered to respond solely to negativity sex-wise. As you could imagine, my relationship with my girlfriend turned sour and we eventually split up. I have thus given up on dating, and you could refer to me as an incel-turned-volcel now. Thats my story."

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