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* '''Environmentalism & pessimism''': Historically, it was rarely ever a question to not have children. Usually, children were needed to maintain land, power and wealthy of the family. Associating something bad with reproduction is highly evolutionary novel.
* '''Late marriage and no enforced monogamy''': The age of marriage is very late in many Western countries because of [[feminism]] and economic stagnation. This means nobody enforces monogamy until the late 20s or early 30s, and the result is a more feral dating landscape that [[life history|r-strategists]] heavily exploit and which does not cater to people who are rather interested in long-term [[relationship]]s.
* ''''Rise of extroverts''' As of the year 2020, the majority of couples meet online, followed by in a bar or at a restaurant, instead of through friends, family, school, work etc. Essentially, dooming a large number of men to [[mentalcel]]dom due to lack of extroversion, a personality trait that is 60% genetic.<ref></ref>
== Mismatch vs alienation ==

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