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The surplus of Asian males is surprising as Asian males earn 117% of what White men earn,<ref></ref> but this finding agrees with findings among U.S. college students where "being Asian" was the best predictor of never having kissed (see Table 2),<ref name="kissed"></ref> and East-Asian men being less masculine, least preferred by women in online dating,<ref></ref> and East Asian women engaging the most in outmarriage possibly because their [[neoteny]] is a [ super stimulus] to Whites.<ref></ref><ref></ref>
East Asian males also have a slower [[life history|life history speed]] (more k-selected),<ref name="rushton"></ref>
are physically weaker/shorter,<ref name="rushton"></ref> hence they may lose out in dominance competitions.<ref></ref>
Being more [[life history|k-selected]], East Asians may be more sensitive to [[evolutionary mismatch]]es such as the absence of arranged marriage<ref></ref> women's unusual high-status role,<ref></ref> overpopulation, or even the rise of mutations. See also [[behavioral sink]], [[hikikomori]], [[mismatchcel]] and [[ricecel]].


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