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Sexless men between 18 and 30 are on the rise according to the ''Washington Post'' using data from the U.S. nationally representative ''General Social Survey (GSS)''.<ref></ref>
28% of men did not have sex in the past year, a trend that appears to have started around 2000-2005.
This is accompanied by a trend towards later marriage that started a few years earlier.<ref name="ifstud"></ref><ref></ref> and rising rate of young men living with their parents.<ref></ref> Data from NHANES, NSFG and GSS together suggest around 12% of 22-35 year olds had no sex in the past year (see graph on the right).<ref name="ifstud"></ref>
GSS data also shows that among today's 18 to 34 year olds, 51% have no stable partner, up from 35% in 1986.<ref></ref>
Further, roughly [[Scientific_Blackpill#30.25_of_millennials_are_often_or_always_lonely_and_22.25_have_no_friends|30% of millennials are often or always lonely and 22% have no friends]] which likely overlaps inceldom because a sex partner would count as companionship or a friend. Indeed, 50% of users report having no friends.<ref name="oct"></ref>


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