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Incels forums are often stereotyped as "angry White males", however large polls on [[]] and [[Braincels]] showed that only around half of incels in these forums their userbase are/were White.<ref name="sbdemo"></ref><ref></ref>
A peer-reviewed study also came to the conclusion that incels aren't mostly white.<ref></ref>
Data from Pew Research in Table 1 suggests that Whites make up 71.1% of Reddit's U.S. userbase, but only 52.4% of Braincels' U.S. members, a difference with a 95% CI of 13-24% points (p < 0.0001).
Being more [[life history|k-selected]], East Asians may be more sensitive to [[evolutionary mismatch]]es such as the absence of arranged marriage<ref></ref> women's unusual high-status role,<ref></ref> overpopulation, or even the rise of mutations (see [[behavioral sink]]). See also [[ricecel]].
As the The graphs above suggests, in for the overall U.S., population also point to a high rate of male Asians are affected the most by inceldom, which can presumably partly be attributed to their slower [[life history]]Asian incels. Blacks being less sexlesshaving more sex, but also less in fewer relationships compared to Whites may also be explained by racial differences in life history speed, so the graphs above do not contradict each other. E.g. Blacks also have much higher rates of nonmarital births.<ref>,_1940-2014.png</ref>
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