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The "other" races make up 8.9% of Reddit's U.S. userbase, but 33.8% on Braincels.
The most overrepresented races seem to be East-Asians and South-Asians, making up around 6% of the U.S. population, but around 20% on Braincels and around 13% on These statistics correlate with racial fertility rates being 20% higher in Hispanics (notably Mexicans make up 63% of hispanics<ref></ref>) and 8% lower in Asians when compared to Whites.<ref name="statrace"></ref>
Caveats which may limit the accuracy of the figures above: (1) Braincels is nearly exclusively male and may suffer other biases different from the mixed-sex Pew Research samples. (2) Latino includes Brazil, but not Spain, and Hispanic vice-versa.
(3) Some of the underrepresentation of Whites in incel forums may have resulted from bans of White [[alt-right]]ists.


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