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* '''Arranged marriages vs free mate choice''': Historically, arranged marriages were often the norm, so today's dating world may mismatch innate expectations that we may evolved to have for our parents to be involved in partner choices. In a large sample of hunter-gatherer societies, 70% primarily practiced arrange marriage,<ref name="apostl"></ref> and also in medieval Europe arranged marriages were the norm.<ref></ref>
* '''Death of male coalitions''': Cross-cultural evidence points to men forming male coalitions, organizing in [[dominance hierarchies|competence hierarchies]]<ref name="cooking"></ref> in order to extract resources<ref></ref> and monopolize the women of other men.<ref name="apostl"></ref> Hence the entire concept of women entering these male coalitions and working side-by-side with men, as well as [[romance|romantic]] relationships in terms of equal romantic investment, are evolutionary novel, and possibly corrupt epistatic pathways in the development of male behavior.<ref></ref> Women have never been individuals themselves, but merely appendages.<ref name="cooking"></ref><ref></ref>
* '''Affirmative action for women''': Women have never occupied higher status than men,<ref></ref> so men getting [[mog]]ged by women left and right may be a source of great confusion and [[shy]]ness in men. In women, combined with their [[hypergamy]] it also causes a mismatch as they naturally expect to find men more dominant than themselves, and rather [[femcel|staying singles]] when failing to find a partner who matches their expectations (see [[hypergamy]]).
* '''Atheism''': Most human societies have also been highly religious, whereas modern civilizations are highly atheistic. Atheism tends to imply lower birth rates.<ref></ref> This may be highly related to the two previous points, i.e. perhaps atheists practicing arranged marriage and [[female subordination]] may be able to achieve the same birth rates as religious groups.


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