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Japan has among the highest rates of incels and has had them for quite a while. As of 2019, 10% of 30 year olds have no sexual experience. 24.6% of 18-39 year old women have no heterosexual experience, up from 21.7% in 1992. For men it increased from 20% to 25.8%. Sex differences are remarkably small.<ref></ref>
In 2016, a government survey found evidence of 541,000 [[hikikomori]] living in a country of 127 million people.<ref></ref>
Unsurprisingly and according to a Durex survey from 2009, Japan was along with China the least sexually satisfied nation, with just 24% being satisfied with their sex lives compared to a global average of 44.12±7.68.<ref></ref><ref name="ref71"></ref> A The survey by Durex has been criticized for potentially biased sampling,<ref></ref> but a similar result was found by a Japanese sex toy company in 2019 (though with China being much more satisfied).<ref></ref>


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