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moved the age link to the paragraph above. "disproportionally middle class" seems a weak link for maternal/paternal age at birth. let's wait for the next survey to get info here
== Rise of mutants ==
Some evidence suggests that there are more mutants with deleterious mutations in the human population due to a number of factors, including but not limited to: milder ecological conditions, modern medicine, smaller family sizes<ref></ref>, advanced paternal age <ref></ref> and especially due to much lower infant mortality.<ref>https://doi.org10.1007/s40806-017-0084-x</ref> Given the complex nature and function of the human brain, one would expect it to be particularly vulnerable to deleterious mutations,<ref></ref> which may be reflected in the apparent rise in the prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorders, as it has been argued that up to 30% of cases of this condition in simplex families (where only one member has the condition) could be attributed to ''de novo'' mutations.<ref></ref>
Extrapolate of the rate of deleterious mutational load in mice and other organisms has led to a rough estimate of a 1% decline in the baseline physical and mental performance attributes of populations in conditions of extreme relaxed selection pressures (both natural and sexual) per generation. This estimate may be overly conservative, however, particularly in regards to brain function.<ref></ref> Some researchers have also argued factors that decrease deleterious mutational load in populations, such as reductions in the rate of [[inbreeding depression|inbreeding]] and pre-natal therapeutic fetus selection (the abortion of offspring with severe abnormalities revealed through pre-birth screening) may serve to counteract these effects somewhat.<ref></ref>
== Incels Some incels may have more mutations a high mutational load ==
Self identified incels are disproportionately middle classFor example,<ref></ref>, and are disproportionately autistic, according to a survey of the users of the largest incel forum, on [[]].disproportionately describe themselves as autistic<ref></ref> and autists have a high risk of inceldom.<ref></ref> Autism is has been suggested to be a neurological disorder much more likely to happen to offspring who's parents were 35 or older (particularly the father, due to mutated semen) at the time good measure of developmental instability and thus of conceptionhigher mutational load.<ref></ref>That being said, having high mutational load is not inherently a judgement or insult. It is simply a genetic condition.
== Some mutations are good ==


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