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== Some incels may be mutants ==
Incels Self identified incels are disproportionately middle class,<ref></ref> have disproportionately older parents,{{citation needed}} and are disproportionally disproportionately autistic, according to a survey of the users of the largest incel forum, [[]].<ref>https://incels.wikico/wthreads/Scientific_Blackpill#Incel_forums_are_disproportionately_populated_by_suicidalsurvey-results-for-october-2019.2C_disabled.2C_autistic.2C_and_ethnic_men147774/M</ref>
Autistsm is a neurological disorder much more likely to happen to offspring who's parents were 35 or older at the time of conception, which may suggest incels tend to have older parents.<ref></ref>

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