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== Some mutations are good ==
Even though the vast majority is of mutations are deleterious, some mutations are good. An example is the ACTN3 gene giving West African sprinters faster fast-twitch muscle fibers and therefore a faster sprint spreed.Ugly mutations of physical appearance do rarely warrant reasons for concern Ugliness does not necessarily worsen the gene pool as ugliness it is only weakly related with to disease. However, various genetic diseases, functional and cognitive impairment do warrant concern and reduce overall population viability if maintained in the gene pool (dysgenics). Fortunately, we will possibly be able to fix diseases via gene editing in near future.<ref></ref>
Even though some mutations are beneficial, the news media ''only '' focus on deleterious mutations, presumably because bad news is more attention grabbing.<ref></ref> People are also hardwired to bully exclude mutants to increase their own [[reproductive success]].<ref></ref><ref></ref>People also often forget that [[natural selection]] still sifts out the worst mutations. Hence, maintaining a good gene pool is not the most important issue humanity facing.
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