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Asian-white couples face distinct pregnancy risks, as studies have found that C section rates are higher for mixed ethnicity couples.<ref>Stanford Medicine (2008). Asian-white couples face distinct pregnancy risks, Stanford/Packard study finds</ref><ref>Sun Young Yang, Un Suk Jung, and Geum Joon Cho (2017). Analysis of Pregnancy Outcomes among Interracial Couples in Korea</ref><ref>Zosia Bielski (2008). Asian mom, white dad: C-section more likely</ref><ref>American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (2008). Perinatal outcomes among Asian–white interracial couples</ref>
Mixed race black and white couples face higher odds of prematurity and low birth weight. <ref>Journal of Women's Health (2010). Prematurity and Low Birth Weight as Potential Mediators of Higher Stillbirth Risk in Mixed Black/White Race Couples</ref> Infants born to biracial parents (mother and father from either Black or White races) also experience higher adverse birth outcomes. <ref>Srinivasjois RM, et al. Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand. 2012. Biracial couples and adverse birth outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analyses.</ref>
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