Poems by AnathematicAnarchist

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The following are poems by poems by braincels creator AnathematicAnarchist posted on Braincels.

#1[edit | edit source]

"Bulging eyes focused on the man

while his pair of eyes stared right back

The Crowd hungered for the last act;

one last trick before parting ways

Glad to oblige, he grabbed the saw,

splitting his torso from his legs"


#2[edit | edit source]

"The planes dropped quick death from the skies

And left only corpses around,

whose flesh was inspected by flies

When they were not yet in the ground"


#3 (this one's about Nechayev)[edit | edit source]

"His focus never shifted

as his cold eyes tore apart Mankind

His spirits never lifted

until the world was redefined

No Pope could make him cower

No Cop could make him confess

He would tear their grip from power

and he would not stop for any less"


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