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Nerd girls are frequently an articulation of the "I'm not like other girls" meme, who make YouTube videos claiming to be keen on dark subjects. These young ladies can get consideration from both Chad and a hover of orbiters, despite the way that their male looksmatches are frequently incel.

They seek to encourage female invasion into fields that were recently held almost exclusively for men, not typically out of male hostility towards female incursions into such spaces, but due to a general lack of female interest in such pastimes, such as computer games.

The incursion of these types of women into these male spaces can deny male incels of hobbies or copes, which have not yet been invaded by females. Accordingly, you can anticipate that 'gamer girls' act in a similar vein to nerd girls. Likewise, it is connected with the idea that females seek to invade male spaces and turn them into areas for them to flaunt their vanity and attract attention from sexually deprived men.

These women often ridicule looksmatched folks who think they are genuine.

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