Manlets: The Poem by dravidIAncel102

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The following is a poem by braincels user dravidIAncel102

[edit | edit source]

"Manlet, manlet, short and squat

Can’t get wife, girlfriend, or thot

Real life girls kept saying no

So he gave tinder a go

'I’m five foot two' those bios said

“But I like six three guys in bed”

“'Tinder sluts!' the manlet cried

I’ll give the bar another try

At the bar he asked a whore

'Care to see my bedroom floor?'

The whore just smirked and then replied

As pure disdain flashed her eye

'Sorry little man, don’t be so mad,

but as you know, I’m fucking Chad'

Head hung low, the manlet left

Knowing he had failed his quest

As he walked out the heads all turned

'Goddamn manlets, when will they learn?'"


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