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Iceland is a Nordic island country in the North Atlantic, the women in the nation appear to be particularly prone to developing roast beef syndrome.

Prevalence of STDs[edit | edit source]

Iceland has the highest prevalence of the STD chlamydia in the World, at a rate of about 619 instances per 100,000 people[1]. This has apparently caused people to dub chlamydia "The Reykjavík Handshake". Though this may partially be explained by Iceland's advanced healthcare system being more effective at diagnosing the disease, and liberal social mores possibly encouraging people to seek treatment for the illness, as compared to less developed nations. One foreign female journalist who received treatment for the condition in Iceland described her experience as follows:

The nurses and doctor I speak with are nothing short of wonderful. After the doctor examines me, she looks me squarely in the eye and says those words I so desperately need to hear, “We are going to make you better.” She informs me that I likely do not have herpes (which I could have told you after my extensive image search) but she orders a bunch of tests anyway. Did you know that you can get eczema on your pussy? Because I didn’t. Apparently, you can also get a yeast infection at the same time, which is double uncool. She prescribes a super-steroid, and I wonder silently if my pussy on steroids will bulk up like a body builder or the Incredible Hulk (Pussy SMASH!). I walk out with a little spring in my step and a plan of action in hand. I will get better! And of course, all the tests were free of charge. Thank you, socialized medicine!

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