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GuyDuck is a Norwoodcel,[1] prisonercel, and marriedwithtwokidscel who was staying in a halfway house during his final months of incarceration for child pornography, and was a user on at least two parthenophilia sites run by Nathan Larson, until the government launched an investigation into his online activities. Despairing at potentially having to be a prisoncel for another 15-40 years if convicted,[2] he attempted suicide. By his own account:

The P.O. [probation officer] came to the halfway house on October 10 and confiscated my cellphone.
It didn't have any CP on it, but I knew they'd pitch a fit about some of the non-porn I had, and send me back in. Half an hour later, I left the halfway house, went to I-94, ran across the road, and jumped in front of a semi-truck in the fastlane. ... I didn't die.
I was in + out of consciousness for a while, but I finally came to the next day in the hospital. My skull was cracked, both feet were shattered, tendons were ripped off both knees + my left shoulder, and my pelvis looked like a "W" instead of a ring. The surgeries put my pelvis back together, and my right foot and ankle. Pins, plates, bars, and other titanium bits and pieces. Next time I'll pick a truck made of Kryptonite.
I spent about 3 weeks in the trauma ward, then about a week and a half in the psych ward. When they discharged me, they pushed my wheelchair right to the FBI agents. They arrested me for Possession and Receipt, drove me to the court house, and from there I was brought to Sanilac County Jail.

The criminal complaint references textual content from the forums he visited.[3][4] He asked that an announcement be made to the incelosphere that "GuyDuck has been locked up for his courage to really live a Pill-compatible lifestyle, or something as such, and is there anyone willing to correspond with a Pill-O.G. who doesn't have many ties, or much help, in the free-world."

GuyDuck has been featured twice on CuckQueers.[5][6]

Marriedwithtwokidsceldom[edit | edit source]

Drake explains that his marriedwithtwokidscel experience was to be a man who, years into his marriage, was heartbroken to find that his wife was no longer willing to have sex with him, even though she was having sex with everyone else. His incarceration then turned the emotional gulf between them into a physical separation. Moreover, he now is wheelchair-bound, his wrecked body held together more by metallic hardware than flesh, bone, and sinew. He considers himself "the truest of the truemarriedwithtwokidscels" and angrily urges, "fakemarriedwithtwokidscels OUT" when he encounters husbands and fathers whose situation is not as dire: "My life reads like Candide, only more fucked up. At least he kept getting good things and having them ripped away. I don't even get the good things, just the Karmic bitch-slaps." (Although he briefly had a family, he barely got to spend time with them because he had to join the U.S. Army to support them, and was sent to barracks several states away, where he was then arrested and put in prison again several states away from them, too far for them to easily come visit; and now his wife is planning to file for divorce.)

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