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In modern society, high male R.S. is determined by a high degree of trauma and or adversity in life. For example, poverty, disease, injury, death of parents, expulsion from groups and or institutions etc, usually as a child and or teenager, and then a complete overcome of said adversities, usually in early adulthood. Also all high R.S. males are normal to high in physical masculinity. No high R.S. males are androgynous pretty boys. You will never see an androgynous pretty boy with 10 kids. All high R.S. Males have a high FWHR (a wide, square face shape) as well as high prenatal testosterone exposure. Young, fat/thick women produce the most testosterone during pregnancy, with each subsequent child receiving less. The high R.S. Males are either highly religious and engage in monogamy, financially providing for 1 long term mate, through large amounts of attained wealth or the high R.S. Males are highly religious, dark triad, callous psychopaths engaging in polygamy financially providing for multiple short term mates with , petty cash ,job opportunities , drugs, etc.

There is a curvi-linear relationship with facial attractiveness and amount of children.

Meaning men that are 1-4 on the decile and men that are 7-10 on the decile have the least amount of children. This is in spite of the most facially attractive men having the most sex, being the most desired by women, and having the most objectively, high life quality. An analysis by the Incel wiki team of the top 50 male models of all time showed that only 11/50 had children. None reproduced above fertility (3 or more children). Note that all of these men are also rich and wealthy, and any illegitimate children are accounted for on their profiles, as they are too high profile for baby moms to avoid the spotlight. Extremely facially attractive men have an extremely, disproportionately low amount of children, legitimate or otherwise, in comparison to the amount of sex they are having. Their lower fertility is due to lack of adversity in life, while their low decile counterparts have lower fertility due to insurmountable adversity in life. Men's modern reproductive success is correlated with the antifragility principle.

In contrast the top 50 female models of all time reproduce over 98% of the time, and plenty of them have 3 or more children. They actually have high fertility above replacement as a group.

Thus naturally, facially beautiful women are becoming more abundant although not more beautiful due to their fathers lacking in attractiveness. While us men as a group are stagnant in our natural facial attractiveness and becoming more psychologically driven to go to greater lengths to increase our LMS and overall attractiveness artificially.

This dysgenic trend creates an evolutionary missmatch where fathers that mate with conventionally, beautiful faced women, are having sons with lower fertility, although higher life quality, and having their paternal genetic lineage die out, in subsequent generations.