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Drachenlord (Rainer Winkler; eng.: "Dragonlord") is a German lolcow and an escortcel.

He now more or less retired from the internet, deleted or temporarily disabled his accounts and now lives off social benefits, yet he still indirectly makes "content" by screaming at people filming him in the public.

Life[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

He was born into a regular rural middle-class family in Altschauerberg, a small village (≈ 42 inhabitants) near Nuremberg.

He had an ambivalent relation to his father, Rudi. According to him, they had a lot of fun together (e.g going to the forest together) but there were also some moments of agony (e.g Rudi furiously throwing an axe in his direction).

All through out his life, he felt like he doesn't belong to society. This feeling perpetuated when he got sent into special education classes.

According to him, he had his first ejaculation at the age of 9.

Teen years[edit | edit source]

After dropping out of school, he didn't acquire any school diploma. He instead worked numerous low-paying craftsmanship-related jobs, before he made money off his internet presence.

It is known that he associated with Neo-Nazis as a teen, yet it's unclear whether or not he really believed in the ideology or just wanted to have friends who accept him.

Internet presence[edit | edit source]

On a password-protected nationalsocialistic black metal forum, he made his first unrecoverable videos. The initial reaction of the forum member were strongly negative, as they laughed at him. After getting trolled by them, he left the forum and instead continued his path on YouTube and YouNow (streaming platform).

For the first few years, his videos didn't get too much traction. He only had a few trolls at that time.

Due to his strong bavarian accent, he says "Haider" instead of hater, so his trolls now self-ironically call themselves "Haider" to upset him even more (It works).

Leak of his address[edit | edit source]

After a troll has called Drachenlord's sister with a voice changer telling her to be aware that he knows her location. He then furiously made a video where he screamingly says that the trolls should come to his house so he can beat their asses. Although he deleted the video shortly after release, it was too late and people now knew where he was located.[1]

Now, trolls and regular people drove to his property everyday and as he is easily exasperated, he screamed at them everytime resulting in people making even more fun of him.

In his comment section, pretty much everything is written by trolls, no one really liked him in the internet. The few fans who actually wanted to help Drachenlord eventually quit due to his obnoxious behavior.

"Schanzenfest"[edit | edit source]

In the 2018 "Schanzenfest" (eng.: "Festival of the entrenchment"), thousands of internet trolls gathered together to go to his property and basically scream at him in real life. The police tried to deescalate the situation.[2]

Losing his virginity to an escort[edit | edit source]

In his mid 20s, he lost his virgnity to an escort. It's unknown if she knew him before from his internet presence or not.

Porn content[edit | edit source]

He made pornographic videos. He had filmed himself having sex with a rubber doll. In one of his videos, he even ironically introduced her as one of his girlfriends.

Legal problems[edit | edit source]

In 2022, after hitting a troll with a flashlight and having some other physical confrontations with trolls, he was about to get imprisoned for 2 years but he eventually just got 2 years of probation.[3]

Sale and destruction of his house[edit | edit source]

Since he wanted to buy a Ford Ranger but had no money, he sold his house in order to have enough money. His local village of annoyed neighbours collectively bought it, and eventually destructed the house, so no legacy of Drachenlord is left in Altschauerberg.

But since Drachenlord wasted all his money on his big car and didn't calculate the new costs of an accomodation and more, he had to eventually sell his car again under market value, he was still homeless or hopping between temporary accomodations for a while. Due to him missing a court-ordered medical-psychological assessment to sustain having his driver's license, his driver's license was deprived from him.

"Commune of Freedom"[edit | edit source]

He wanted to create a commune where every participiant is living nude on a farm. It was only an idea from him but after facing legal concerns and finding no serious members for his commune, he gave up on his idea.[4]

After years of this tradegy, people became bored of him. His audience diminished after time, so he considered receiving social benefits. Even though he was more or less offline for the past weeks and months, his future is uncertain.

(Here a comprehensive video playlist of Drachenlord's life in German: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SglEWCZpSs&list=PLZrR6P7zpa1sz8f7yd4J0nEfbrPMHYgDh)

Imaginary girlfriends[edit | edit source]

Before having his first girlfriend, everytime when people asked him about his imaginary girlfriend, he constantly lied.[5][6][7] For years, he even claimed to have multiple girlfriends simultaneously.

Spectacles in his live streams[edit | edit source]

In his live streams, he constantly instisted on having a girlfriend although no one in the chat believed him. He often tried to act as if some girl is in his house or room, indicated by his eye behavior and schizophrenic talks with his wall. Sometimes, he even said that his girlfriend is currently waiting in his bed for him, so he "must end the stream".

"Kissenwurf"[edit | edit source]

In his legendary "Kissenwurf"-scene (eng.: "Throwing a pillow) in a livestream, he threw a pillow at himself earnestly trying to signalize to his viewers having his girlfriend over. But due to his bad performance, it was clearly obvious that he himself threw the pillow. Up to this day, he doesn't want to talk about this occasion.[8]

First girlfriend[edit | edit source]

In his late 20s, he had his first girlfriend, Mona. She was in her mid 40s at that time. They even wanted to marry each other but the relationship only lasted a few weeks since they weren't compatible. It is clear that she wore the pants in the relationship.

It's unclear whether or not they had sex.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

He and his trolls created new words through out his legacy:

  • "Drachengame" (eng.: "The game of Drachenlord): Basically the whole constellation between Drachenlord and his trolls
  • "Mulle" (no real translation): Women in a negatively connotated context (kinda lika foid)
  • "Haider" (Hater)

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