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Doogy (apparently the nickname of Adam Dooling) is the arch-rival of CCPcel.

He appears to have been promoted to be a moderator of IncelTear and make comics called Prove the Incel Wrong.

He has 436 games on Steam which are hidden, and having only reviewed four, leaving the other 432 games a mystery.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

CCP in June 2022 attributed the following dates and quotes to Doogy:

  1. 27 May 2012 "Been looking at the old 2007 high school year book. You know it's been five years exactly since the '07 class graduated. Ah, the memories of that place"
  2. 8 January 2021 "I started dating my girlfriend when she was an 18 year old virgin. It's been four years now and we're gonna get married this year"
  3. 10 March 2021 " I'm not that young. I'm 32, I lost my virginity last year with my girlfriend of I think about 8 years now"

Math based on these:

  • Being 32 in March 2021 would mean being 23 in March 2012.
  • subtracting five years from that would mean being 18 years old in 2007
  • a four-year relationship as of January 2021 would have begun in January 2017
  • an eight-year relationship as of March 2021 would have begun in March 2013

The contrast between March 2021's "of I think about 8" and January 2021's "it's been four" has invited speculation from CCP about which is true.

Threads[edit | edit source]