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Doogy born in 1988, also known as AdvocateDoogy, is a British-American internet personality most active on Doogy has described himself as an individual with Asperger's syndrome. Doogy's mainly known for his webcomic "Prove The Incel Wrong!", a poorly drawn comic series where he tries to disprove incel rhetoric. The comic also has a spinoff series involving his fictional characters going on adventures. His most prominent characters are his self-insert known as "Advocate" and his enemy/frenemy called "Expounder". On he's the arch-rival of CCPcel. As of 2022, Doogy appears to have been selected to be a moderator of IncelTear, the subreddit where he frequently crossposts his series Prove the Incel Wrong.

Prove The Incel Wrong![edit | edit source]

What Doogy's mainly known for is his webcomic posted on r/inceltear Prove The Incel Wrong!, also known as PTIW. The first issue was published on December 05, 2020 (it should be noted however that Doogy's incel obsession has been present since before the creation of his Reddit account). Since December 05, 2020, Doogy has made over a 100 comics attempting to disprove incel rhetoric. Many incels have argued that his commentary lacks any value, especially considering the fact Doogy may or may not be a virgin himself. The comics themselves are extremely poorly drawn, looking like something a child would've made. The style of his comics bear resemblance to the 'Sonichu' series, the comics made by Chris Chan, another individual with Asperger's. It's especially interesting due to the fact he's been drawing for over 15 years, previously going under the nickname "Adam Comix Inc". Doogy's first PTIW spinoff series was published on January 21, 2021. His comics were originally posted on the r/inceltear subreddit, however, on January 28 2021, he created his own subreddit r/provetheincelwrong. Now his comics are crossposted from r/provetheincelwrong to r/inceltear.

Virginity status[edit | edit source]

It's not entirely known when Doogy lost his virginity, if he even lost it at all. He has previously stated that he lost it at the age of 31, but then revised his statement to claim it happened at age 19. It's been theorized that the reason for the sudden change was due to ridicule from incels. Doogy's pathological lying has made people question if he is lying about not being a virgin. On a now deleted Facebook post in 2016, Doogy made a post where he grieved over the possibility of dying a virgin, suggesting that the statement that he lost his virginity at age 19 is false.

Working experience[edit | edit source]

Doogy does not appear to have extensive working experience. He once had a job at Target in which he says he lost due to discrimination against autistics.

Previous online antics[edit | edit source]

Doogy previously made comics under the persona "Adam Comix Inc". He also named himself "Doogy300" on various websites, including YouTube where all videos have since been hidden. He has 436 games on Steam which are also hidden, and he has only reviewed four of them, leaving the other 432 games a mystery.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

CCP in June 2022 attributed the following dates and quotes to Doogy:

  1. 27 May 2012 "Been looking at the old 2007 high school year book. You know it's been five years exactly since the '07 class graduated. Ah, the memories of that place"
  2. 8 January 2021 "I started dating my girlfriend when she was an 18 year old virgin. It's been four years now and we're gonna get married this year"
  3. 10 March 2021 " I'm not that young. I'm 32, I lost my virginity last year with my girlfriend of I think about 8 years now"

Math based on these:

  • Being 32 in March 2021 would mean being 23 in March 2012.
  • subtracting five years from that would mean being 18 years old in 2007
  • a four-year relationship as of January 2021 would have begun in January 2017
  • an eight-year relationship as of March 2021 would have begun in March 2013

The contrast between March 2021's "of I think about 8" and January 2021's "it's been four" has invited speculation from CCP about which is true.

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