Collection of Poems by ryanobes

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The following are poems by poems by braincels use ryanobes posted on Braincels.

Poem #1[edit | edit source]

"Bulging eyes focused on the man

while his pair of eyes stared right back

The Crowd hungered for the last act;

one last trick before parting ways

Glad to oblige, he grabbed the saw,

splitting his torso from his legs"


Poem #2[edit | edit source]

"Moments passing feel slowed, exemplified only by the positive senses I feel. Gentle warmth felt like it was forming from all corners of the universe and directed inwards, as if they were beams of hope that were focusing their aim solely to my heart. Her smile no longer just makes me happy, but also gives me complete confidence in the very snaps of life that her presence benevolently prolongs. It is complete content. I am no longer an automaton that runs through life, but a hopeful member of a faith which states that nothing in the universe could ever be more beautiful than her."


Poem #3[edit | edit source]

"We weave endangered lives through love

We stand forever mesmerized in the present tense

They waver, fall, and get up, growing suspicious

They leave, return, and earn our pride

I recollect those memories that make me whole

I can still remember when we were all they had."


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