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ZGTOW is a philosophy espoused in 2019 by ZThorse on Zoovilleforum.net, a zoophilia forum.

It is based on MGTOW but instead of "men" it refers to Zoophilia and "zoophiles" going their own way, by having sex with animals instead of women. He advocated that incels relieve their sexual frustration via engaging in sexual intercourse with female animals.

This thread from December 2021 points out how this initialism was used by "facepulling_incel" and speculated this could be ZThorse.

Unfortunately no backup archives were made of his posts so they cannot be read, however some of the excerpts were copied.

Excerpts[edit | edit source]

   Its quite the norm to hear the word Incel, or involuntarily celibate, thrown around in the mainstream media. Often this word is attached to a person of low character, or a mass shooter, or other "pathetic" type of man. As many of things in the media, they tend to stereotype and flat out make fake news on whatever headline they can grab attention to.
   I have deep empathy for the Incel community. I have read their stories and struggles with women in their lives. Some are justified, and some are not. What incels have to comment on the dating scene is true, their outlook on the quality of modern women is true, and also that men are often seen as disposable utilities to provide resources. Given time, energy, and sweat to a woman to date, marry, or even be divorced by later in life. The way women rave about being treated as sex object, Men hate being treated as resource gathering objects.
   You want have sex with stacy but you can't because your circumstances placed you with a low Sexual Marketplace Value. (SMV) Either that be social awkwardness, Poor financials, or just not being attractive. The issue that I want to bring to your attention is this key factor. Why does having sex with stacy give you validation? Why should sex with a woman give your life meaning? Or better yet, why should the ability to NOT have sex with a woman give you an identity?
   You as an incel, are focusing your humanity, your being and identity through a woman. Through her ability to choose or not to choose to have sex with you. You are defining your masculinity, your value as a man, and as a human through society's brainwashing that without a woman, you are of no value. This mentality of centralizing yourself, goals, dreams around a woman, is gyno-centrism. Your value as a man, and a human being is NOT through a woman.
   Your value is to be determined by yourself, through your own goals, talents and personality. True Self Actualization.
   Its difficult to be de-programmed from the gynocentrism society programs into men. A Mans value is determined by the woman is his life, is a LIE. A Mans value is to be determined by him alone.
   Nikola Tesla, a man who left no children but was a founder of the modern world. Indeed a man who changed the world for a better human existence, but would not have been possible if he had allowed himself to be burdened with children or with a wife. This man self actualized early in his life, and this should be the ideal mentality to have, that our goals and dreams SHOULD be our own, not another's to determine.
   I encourage you to meditate on how much women (or the lack of them) define who you are. Then throw all that out the window and walk away of letting them control your life. Instead, realize that sex or not having sex with a woman doesn't matter and isn't important to who you are. Instead, just walk away from playing the gynocentric game. Just go your own way. Enjoy your life, your money and your time to your own goal's and pursuits instead. Improve yourself, and self actualize.
   However, your need for love and sex as a man is still there. Its difficult to go full monk mode and go full no-fap/no-sex. If you are here on this site, you will find many accounts of bestiality with female animals that are better than sex with a woman. (YMMV) If you have an animal mate to fulfill your need for love and sex, meantime you engage in your personal goals outside the validation of women or people in general, you can leave the Incel community and join the zoo community. So long as you mate is treated with ethics, love and understanding, the zoo community would welcome you into the ranks of former Incels, now zoo's or even a ZGTOW.

Adminship[edit | edit source]

ZThorse is an admin on Zooforum: https://www.zoovilleforum.net/members/zthorse.5/

He joined 26 September 2019 and was the 5th member to register.

It is unclear why he removed his "ZGTOW" posts in response to the attention it got from incels.co.