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Weaponmaxxing is a natural continuation of gymmaxxing starting at the point where an incel realizes that working out for looks is pointless, thereby focusing not necessarily on aesthetic qualities or lifting numbers, but functional strength, combat training, and eventually beginning to carry weapons on his person.

Timeline of a gymcel[edit | edit source]

Gymcels usually start working out to improve trivial qualities- to lose excess body fat, develop abs, or get bigger biceps. They often do exercises like crunches, bicep curls, or dumbbell shrugs. Eventually, after working out for some period of time, they begin to do compound exercises with heavier dumbbells or a barbell, switching to a "powerlifting" method of training. This period can last for a while, some gymcels even spending the entirety of their lifting career focused on increasing their bench press.

However, once he realizes that slaving away for hours in the gym to lift a certain weight has little effect on his success with women, he might switch to other methods of working out- a more dynamic style of Olympic lifting or general functional lifting, calisthenics, martial arts/grappling, etc. However, the incel will quickly realize that just like real life, genetic factors play a significant role in this- being statically strong or well-trained might have little success in a fight against a larger, bigger-boned adversary.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

"Weaponmaxxing" might have a variety of justifications, and might present itself in different ways. One reason might be that the incel realizes combat training is not as effective for self-defense as simply carrying a weapon; he might have even been attacked in the past and been unable to defend himself. Weaponmaxxing might be as simple as carrying a folding knife in his pocket, or caring for an extensive arsenal of firearms. Nevertheless, this can be regarded as a manifestation of the desire to be as secure and prepared as possible at all times, possibly combined with a lower sense of self-preservation(a greater willingness to severely injure or kill another person and face the consequences).