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Social Anxiety Support's virginity frustration subforum was a hidden subforum dedicated to virgins of the Social Anxiety Support community. The Social Anxiety Support forum is not welcoming to men who self-identify as incel or misogynistic posts. The 'virginity frustration' subforum has been renamed and never had any explicit connection to the online incel subculture.

Containment Board[edit | edit source]

The virginity frustration subforum was created as a containment board for inceldom discussions. Such discussion in the broader forum community was very frequent and annoying the mods and femoids of the forum. On the broader forum, heated gender war rhetoric was not allowed, and gender arguments are only tolerated as long as a single gender is never blamed for anything. The last rule was made because the men there would apparently frequently blame women for their dating predicaments.

Location[edit | edit source]

As of August 2018, the subforum is now a subforum of the frustration subforum and is called, "dating, relationships, and virginity".

Screenshot[edit | edit source]

Random screenshot of subforum in 2018 with names removed. You can see how various terminology such as, "wizard" is used.

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