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Tome is a finished, Wikia-like create-your-own-wiki wiki farm programmed in javascript, ajax, and PHP by William, similar to Miraheze, and currently without a domain name. It was linked prominently on the front page of Incel Wiki for most of 2018 and 2019, when Master and William thought the 20-30 pages of exclusive manosphere material might be better somewhere else. Pages William wrote on the manosphere were temporarily moved their for most of 2018/2019, and then moved back onto incelwiki. No pages were copied, only moved.

Mechanism[edit | edit source]

The wiki let users enter in a domain name, which is created on-the-fly for them, with a new wiki, and each domain is protected by cloudflare. Each domain is separately indexed by google, unlike many wiki farms due to how it creates URLs. It was created to be an extension of incelwiki, but proved to be fairly not-fun to write for because it was more fun to program it. It currently without a hostname due to the owner not wanting to pay for a host before and only accessible via an IP address. It likely will come back online and join the anti-wikia alliance.

History[edit | edit source]

It was created in 2018 under the domain and had articles on the manosphere, race, and politics, although without copying any existing incelwiki pages. It was taken offline because incelwiki eventually became very popular (in 2018/early-2019 at least) and Tome was more fun to develop for than to write for. was created to keep blackpillers from sperging out on Incel Wiki. It wasn't used and the SB page was instead used as a containment page for them.

At some point some 8chan users came onto Tome, and the site started experiencing some popularity. William removed its host name in late 2019.

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