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Does the actual Vox Day's definition really match the one given here?[edit source]

Consider Apart from the ethics claimed in the section (such as "dishonest", "to gain power", or basically any other <<intentional trait>>), contrary for having no love at all for Vox Day, I've never seen anybody giving such precise portrait of myself about my <<behavioural traits>> (frequent org disturbing, meltdowns when not allowed to escape conflicts, extremely abused in rare relationships, intense romanticist, historic of oneitism, basically everything).

Still I see that I score extremely low on his proposed test for "Are you a Gamma?" (, almost zero. His test can simply not lead to such conclusions.

So the question here is: is this section a brilliant work from the section's writer from extracting only what was virtuous about Day's work? Or maybe is it taken from another work? Or maybe is that even brilliant original research from the section's writer? What don't I get?

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First of all, Day claims compulsive lying is 'the main defining trait of a gamma' (paraphrasing) and most religious/ethical systems that I'm aware of generally consider lying to be unethical (apart from in certain contexts, e.g., the doctrine of taqiyya in Islam). The 'Are you a Gamma test' listed on his blog seems to have been penned by a guest author ("The author of Graduating Gamma has composed a helpful list to permit Gamma males to identify themselves:"), and Day has since elaborated on and developed the gamma concept more. The blog post seems to focus on the characteristic dishonesty and lack of intellectual humility traits that Day ascribed to gammas, and not so much on the sexual hierarchy and female relationship aspects, which are the main focus of this wiki. I authored part of the section on gammas you are referring to, I can't speak for my co-author, but it seems to align quite well with Days taxonomy of 'gamma traits' as articulated in his posts on his Vox Populi blog and in the section on gamma males in his book SJWs Always Double Down (focusing on the alleged connection of gamma traits and male SJW behavior).

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