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Manosphere confusion[edit source]

Basically the hottest guys that have the most sex, are not also the guys that have the most children. Alot of these ahem super hot guys, with 500 sex partners, use steroids, and are infertile, at least on cycle. Betabuxers are most angry that they get Chads 2nd's or they get cheated on/have to pay child support while their girls fuck Chad.

Most of these issues would be remedied if either the girls stopped fucking Chads for fun, or if girls actually just got pregnant by Chad in the first place, and stuck him with the childsupport, responsibility etc.

Alot of tradcon's falsely believe Chads are getting every girl pregnant left and right, and dumping them. Which is just stupid and ignorant. Alot of girls dump Chad for a new Chad, just because new Chad is new. A pump and dump Chad has to also be mentally a psychopath as well, and tough as nails, because the guy would have to fight off multiple angry family's trying to beat the guy up/end the guys life, make him submit etc. A supreme minority of men fit this description, and they don't have dozens to hundreds of children for these traits to become mainstream in the population. Female biology actively protects against pump and dump anyway, which historically was rape.

hidden ovulation, greater chance of miscarriage as a teen, the ridiculous amount of sperm one has to deposit even when the girl is ovulating. For a guy to realistically get a girl pregnant they have to be having daily sex, for at least a month. (a single ovulation cycle) Alot of Chads avoid girls on birth control, because after awhile frequent sex becomes boring so the next "game" is to get a girl pregnant on purpose.

Incels especially, but also MGTOWer's N betabuxers/normies have never had the luxury of frequent and daily sex, let alone casual, and thus don't understand that any game were the winner always wins becomes boring, and the only reason the guy keeps playing is due to addiction, and the next hi is of course a greater challenge ie. making a baby/having a baby mom. Which are status symbols in Chad circles, at least among working class Chads anyway.

Mikey (talk) 01:55, 22 November 2019 (UTC)