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"there are only several groups of people that will avoid societal harassment in the future. those would be homosexuals (and lesbians), people of color and trans-genders...." Also women, because feminism has/is shifting society from roughly balanced in rights and ability to sexes to relate to severely imbalanced towards the 'rights' of women and the denigration of all things male; as well as overweight and obese people, because 'no one has a right to judge my body!' but only women, because fat men are just disgustingly gross and should head to the gym, amirite? /s :/ Seriously though, women and overweight women should be added to the list. Perhaps 'women with weight issues' to cover the 'spectrum.' The t in the leading word 'the' needs capitalization as well, I am unable to do so. Cheers! :D 2001:569:BC37:1E00:D5ED:7A1E:E28E:9A79 16:39, 16 October 2019 (UTC)