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Biological Leninism as applied to Inceldom[edit source]

Argument that Sexual Redistribution is correlated to a more Right-Wing Society:

Possible callback to fast LH being correlated to the 80-20 rule. --- previously unsigned comment by 2001:67c:2628:647:12::65

I haven't read Dr. Jones' work yet (his books are very expensive and hard for me to get where I am), though I am broadly familiar with the outline of the book. I can't see how it is strongly linked to "bioleninism". We are both pill-neutral and ideologically neutral on this wiki, though obviously the editors have their own political biases that seep into the work. Apart from this article, I'd say this wiki tends to trend strongly against biological Leninism, though the fisherian runaway etc. article do try to downplay the eugenic value of factors such as looks. We won't be including anything that implies, even obliquely, that incels are "genetically inferior" or "subhuman" on my watch, in any case.
I will state, that personally, I'm quite hostile to the idea, which I call Darwinist feminism, that female sexual selection (at least in contemporary industrialized societies) (which may not even be driving a lot of contemporary mate choice, in the long term, anyway) is strongly eugenic or a barometer of virtue, however one defines this. In regards to your second point about Dr Jones' work I would say the core ideal/driver of sexual redistributionism is more authoritarianism, a desire for order and social stability, and we can see that in certain Communist regimes this has been implemented (Stalin's USSR, Democratic Kampuchea, the DPRK etc etc) so this is not an intrinsically "right wing" idea. The motivations shift. In Jones' case he is a man of god, religious, a Catholic, a faith that attempts to encourage stable marital relationships. The societies he described were (at least ostensibly after the great apostasy) driven by similar concerns. In the case of the communist regimes I mentioned, they were solely driven by pragmatic concerns (social stability, birth rates). Altmark22 (talk) 11:35, 12 July 2021 (UTC)