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Note[edit source]

Some of this was copied from the previous page. Can we remove spam subs from the broader list here? Like the astroturfing onesWilliam (talk) 18:25, 29 April 2020 (UTC)

Untitled comment[edit source]

Why don't you come up with some kind of metric of notability, and then rank the sites according to that metric? E.g. number of active users, number of posts, Alexa rank, or whatever, if you can get reliable statistics. Kind of like this.
Then you can have a cutoff where you say sites that don't meet the standard don't get included.
If you don't come up with an objective criterion, then it's just going to be more political than it already is, with certain people saying, "Oh, that site owner doesn't count as incel because blah blah blah so therefore the site doesn't count as an incel forum and shouldn't be included."
Hardly any incel site owners, even those who describe themselves as so ugly as to be truecels, are KHHVs, so if we go by that, most sites exist in a gray area at best.
Another thing is that any site whose leaders are critical of -- which includes pretty much every incel site outside of, because if they liked they'd probably be active there -- will come under pressure to be taken off of this list. For that reason, it's probably pointless to even try to have a list like this; the best you can do is have a list of defunct forums, since they don't present a threat. As Curtis Yarvin wrote, "The living need gentle handling. The living resist philosophy. History is a cadaver; we can slice it as we please. Even if all we have to dissect is a chimp, a dog, even a platypus, there is no better training."
We can dissect dead forums, but people won't like if we try to have unbiased coverage of active forums. 2601:5CD:C200:9BE0:CDC1:2DBD:5827:6EDE 22:27, 29 April 2020 (UTC)
You may be right but I release what I write under CC0, so anyone is free to copy what I write and make a more complete list. I just write about what I'm allowed to here as I don't have server access. Although if this wiki ever gets taken down or coup'd for some reason I do have a backup domain for this wiki that would be less censoring than here.William (talk) 01:53, 30 April 2020 (UTC)
As far as ranking, they are ranked by years existing, as that was basically the least controversial way to do it while still being interestingWilliam (talk)
As far as criteria for the table, they are forums that are not niche forums. Niche forums are listed below the table.William (talk) 02:01, 30 April 2020 (UTC)
Also pretty much no people make the jump from the wiki to forums. Almost no one does it.William (talk) 02:02, 30 April 2020 (UTC)
Probably one of the reasons people don't make a jump from the wiki to forums is that people don't bother to write much about the goings-on at forums because they know the content will get taken down as "outside the scope of the wiki" or "insignificant / unknown to and uncared about by most users" or whatever. Well yeah, if the standard other sites are being judged against is a site with 100 active users at a time, then a site with fewer than 10 active users will seem insignificant, but what about the Pareto principle? When people strike out on their own to create a separate site, they're able to take it in directions other than where is going, and that's potentially notable and interesting even if they don't achieve's scale.
If the .co mods truly thought these other sites didn't matter, they wouldn't bother censoring mention of them. But they do care about those sites, which is why they used to stalk them all the time (not sure if they still do, but probably, because I'm sure .co gets boring after awhile).
The reason sites like CuckQueers are closing down is that there's not really a lot of interesting content out there, since incels have mostly started focusing hardcore on coping in various ways besides ranting about femoids and whatnot. Plus a lot of the interesting / edgy users got banned. When you have a small site with not a lot of shitposting, people can write some high-effort threads that will actually get read because the content isn't being drowned out by shorter pieces that distract people's attention.
Yeah, the big city is cool, but small towns have their own charms. 2601:5CD:C200:9BE0:D9AC:F0FE:2889:FC09 03:58, 30 April 2020 (UTC)