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The Vulnerable Dark Traits[edit source]

The idea that just because someone is "Dark" does not make them more attractive.

Studies show that women are LESS attractive to Vulnerable Dark Traits, in particular BPD.

Dark Triad is characterized by Grandiose Narcissism, Affective/Interpersonal Psychopathy, and Machiavellianism/Histrionic Personality. Vulnerable Dark Triaf is characterized by Vulnerable Narcissism, Impulsive/Deviant Psychopathy, and Borderline Personality.

And there are personality differences between Dark Triad and Vulnerable Dark Triad, Extraversion (and Openness) in particular. Other than that, those two types are the same in Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, and Neuroticism. The first link shows the table for Dark Traits and the second Vulnerable Dark traits.

If there is a correlation between Extraversion-Openness and Agreeableness-Conscientiousness-Neuroticism, it is clearly Plasticity vs Stability

And this two-dimensional personality analysis "Circumplex" is well known to work with Dark and Vulnerable Dark traits.

For reference to the differences between those two types, take a look at these links and diagrams.

TL;DR: The only difference between PUAs or Chads, and Incels, is simply a difference in Openness and Extraversion.

Homework for the reader: 1. Correlate Dark and Vulnerable Dark Traits with Autism, ADHD, and Bipolar or the "Chapnik Creative Triad".

2. Correlate the answers to question 1 with the Light Triad (Humanism, Kantianism, Faith in Humanity)

3. Critique on the research of "The Dark Factors" and how it is different from the Dark Triad.