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==Variability in sexual desire ==
[[File:Attractiveness_Ratings_Wood_2009.png|thumb|right|People strongly agree that people in the red region are unattractive. Women seem to have more variable taste (less agreement), but this may be due to more racial homophily.]]
While women's desires are also very varied (e.g. [[dogpill]])<ref></ref> it seems men's desires are more varied in that they more readily copulate with anything that moves and even things that do not move like morbidly obese women.<ref>Morbidly obese men have a d = -.3 lower partner count than average men, an effect absent for women. See Table 1.</ref> This becomes evident in that women diagnosed with various mental illnesses have twice as much fertility as males with comparable issues.<ref></ref> The fact that men have higher variability in their sexual success due to higher parental investment on part of women ([[Bateman's principle]]) may also imply higher variance in their sexual desires as it means men more often overlook flaws such that even less desirable women have sexual success.


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