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* '''Behavioral sink''': Other mismatches may be overpopulation, an aging population or even the rise of [[mutation]]s and disruption of social epistasis (see [[behavioral sink]]).
* '''No responsibility''': Historically, everyone was needed and issues of marriage directly concerned important questions about inheritance of land and wealth. Today there is a growing disenfranchised population that has virtually nothing. They live in houses they do not own and are in net debt as the economy does not offer them anything and houses are owned by landlords etc. This is exaggerated by economic stagnation. Millennials have only a fraction of the worth babyboomers had at the same age.<ref></ref>
* '''Environmentalism & pessimism''': Historically, it was rarely ever a question to ''not'' have children. Usually, children were needed to maintain land, power and wealthy of the family. Associating something bad with reproduction is highly evolutionary novel.
== Mismatch vs alienation ==


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