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==Variability in sexual desire ==
While women's desires are also very varied (e.g. [[dogpill]])<ref></ref> it seems men's desires are more varied in that they more readily copulate with anything that moves and even things that do not move like morbidly obese women. This alone shows becomes evident in the fact that women diagnosed with various mental illnesses have twice as much fertility as males with comparable issues.<ref></ref> The fact that men have higher variability in their sexual success due to [[Bateman's principle]] may also imply higher variance in their sexual desires as it means men more often overlook flaws such that even less desirable women have sexual success.
Women, but not men, engage in mate-choice copying,<ref></ref> which either stems from greater conformity (explaining also their higher proneness to hysteria<ref></ref>) or perhaps as a means of choosing high status men as explained by [[bodyguard hypothesis]] and [[female hypergamy]]. Either way, it implies more uniform desire in women, as it means they more likely choose the same male.


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