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A genetic '''mutation''' occurs when mistakes are made during copying/[[reproductive success|reproduction]] of DNA and/or chromosomes.
Mutations may be bad for the organism, or neutral, or benefit the organism. The majority of mutations are neutralfor the organism.<ref></ref> Mutations are unavoidable and they are necessary for evolution to work at all. Mutations try out bring new phenotypes and into the environment and for [[sexual selection]] to determine which phenotypes will be prevalent in future generations and which mutations will become fixed (meaning highly prevalent in the gene pool). Thus mutations are the drivers of evolution.
Older parents produce more mutated offspring.<ref></ref> There is also evidence that the mutation rate is much higher in human males (up to 6 times higher), which has also been found in other species such as birds.<ref></ref><ref></ref> This has lead to a hypothesis of evolution being largely driven by mutations in the male germline.
Autistsm is a neurological disorder much more likely to happen to offspring who's parents were 35 or older at the time of conception, which may suggest incels tend to have older parents.<ref></ref>
== Mutant hysteria and autist cleansing ==
All having older parents does is increase the amount of mutations in the offspring. Meaning more good, neutral, and bad mutations. The [[mainstream media]], [[blue pill| society]], major academics, pretty much any group of any renown or importance only focus on bad mutations. No group ever talks about the people with neutral genetic mutations such as having stronger taste buds, and the groups that talk about good mutations such as the ACTN3 gene giving west african sprinters, faster fast-twitch muscle fibers and therefore a faster sprint spreed, are quickly silenced.<ref></ref> One possible reason why these organizations and groups push an agenda to only report on bad genes and decrease the amount of autists in society, by discouraging older people to reproduce is because autists's looks are often objectively ugly, and we live in a completely lookist society.
== References ==
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